Greenway Landscape Design & Services, Inc.
19911 97th ave se
Snohomish, WA 98296
You start at the top from day one
with Greenway Landscapes.  
Your first interaction will be with
Thad Fray.  He in charge of
our design and sales department,
he's also the president, and
co-owner.  Thad will talk with
you about your ideas and offer
his own opinions based on the
information available during the
first conversation. After you set
up an appointment to meet on
site, Thad will walk with you
through your property and help
paint a clear picture of what it
will take to make your vision a
reality. If you're vision is a little
bit cloudy, don't worry, Thad has
nearly 15 years of landscape
design background and has
worked with hundreds of clients
on creating the perfect outdoor
environment to fit their budget.
Thad will provide a computer
animated drawing (CAD) once a
scope of work is agreed upon.
This is a valuable tool in helping
to visulize what your new project
Once a design is approved and
contract signed, It's time for
the work to begin! The
morning that your project
begins, if you haven't already,
you'll meet the other half of the
team. Jarrett Gillard is
co-owner and is responsible
for the day to day  field
operations and logistics.  He
provides extensive knowledge
of construction practices,
equipment and materials used
to install maintainable
landscapes, irrigation and
outdoor carpentry. Jarrett will
be on site throughout the
duration of your project. He
has a proven track record of
bringing projects in on time
and within budget.

Whether a large commercial
setting, complete residential
make over or small backyard
oasis, our experience and
attention to detail will ensure
your design and your vision
will become a reality!
From beginning to end, you'll have confidence knowing that your project is being handled
professionally from top to bottom. Our customer service is unmatched, as is our desire to
provide the finished product that you expect.
Greenway Landscape
Design & Services, Inc
Greenway Landscape
Design & Services, Inc
Greenway Landscape
Design & Services, Inc
Greenway Landscape
Design & Services, Inc
What To Expect